I grew up in Upstate NY, but I currently live in Austin, Texas with my fabulous husband (shown above) and my two furbabies (Atticus Fatticus Catticus and Bill Purray) It was a BIG adjustment from the negative temperatures of the North East and the bagel/pizza/pasta neighborhood we'd grown so accustomed to BUT breakfast tacos soon became our staple and we never looked back! Many of you have probably explored the beautiful, quirky "Keep Austin Weird" streets (maybe even at Paleo f(x)!) or perhaps you've had the AMAZING opportunity to dine at our Paleo Food Truck Picnik (they even have a brick and mortar now!) Regardless: if you've been to this amazing city you'll know why we LOVE to call it home!

Understanding HOW to live a healthy life has ALWAYS been of interest to me, though I'll admit, I didn't put into practice most of what I read until much later in my life. In my long but wonderful journey to this moment I have seen the UPS and the DOWNS of nutritional experimentation and "healthy eating". I was a vegan for 3 years, a Weight Watchers acolyte for 10 and a perpetual "I've got shitty genetics" sayer for nearly 20.  I have been hospitalized twice for chronically low potassium and magnesium (during my vegan years!!) and up until my Primal switch suffered from groggy mornings, fat that wouldn't budge and calorie counting Hell! 

Enter Paleo. I have a background in theater (and a flair for the dramatic!) so two weeks into my Paleo transformation when I turned to my husband and said, "I've never felt better in my LIFE"--he didn't exactly take me seriously--in fact I noticed a PRONOUNCED eye-roll as I told him that I was DONE counting calories, DONE counting points, DONE weighing my food, DONE with DIETING. He had heard it all before. However: something was different this time around. I was different. This plan was WORKING and I was feeling better than I had EVER felt in my life. 

I knew this was something I wanted to pay forward so I got my Primal Health Coach Certification to help even MORE women reach their potential of optimal health and I couldn't be happier! Helping other women has helped ME to stay on track. My potassium levels have never been better, My energy has never been better, my brain fog is gone and those 15lbs I lost in 2014? I lost 10 more and have kept it off!  

So stay as long as you like! Pull up a chair and DIVE in! Start experimenting with the recipes and meal plans! Get yourself accustomed to no longer being a SLAVE to the ups and downs of a sugar burning body! Grab your health by the (long)horns! 

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Nice to meet Y'all xo 

Hannah <3