I want to go Paleo but I'm WORRIED it's TOO RESTRICTIVE...


Hi there! I'm SO glad you're here! This is my BEST effort at a BLOG. I'm SO a product of my generation and LOVE ME some Facebook (www.facebook.com/coachhannahgb) but I'm realizing that the BEST way to reach YOU is to be a little more timely with what I'm writing. 

You see: I want to get to know you...

Maybe you're a college student who doesn't want to give up everything FUN. Maybe you're an ED survivor and you don't want food to be the enemy. Maybe you're emerging from the depths and terror of constant, never-ending calorie counting HELL and you don't want to go back: 

I. Get. It. 

I have been there (all THREE in fact) and I am here to tell you that Primal Living (Paleo!) is the ONLY way I have felt free when it comes to food. How can that be when there are rules? Because the "rules" aren't rules--they're common sense things your body is alREADY telling you. 

Feel BLOATED after a plate of spaghetti? FARTY after a big meal? KINDA SICK after a bowl full of ice cream? Workout ALL the time but never lose weight? Brain Fog? Tired around 2pm even though you've had 6 cups of coffee? 

These are all signs and symptoms (among others) that your DIET is having a direct relationship on the state of your LIFE (not just your weight!!) and I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be like that. When you turn your listening UP and pay attention to your bodies clues it won't feel like restriction--it will feel like freedom.

Take a look at GOING PRIMAL 101 to take a look at my CHEAT SHEET and ways to get started. 

Dive in, Follow your HEART, Have FUN! If it's not FUN...it's not WORTH it xo 

Hannah Burkhauser