The Power of Affirmations: 10 You Can Try Today

Power In Affirmations (1).png

When I was growing up I thought that believing in anything "mystical" was stupid.

If you couldn't see it, touch it, taste it, work for it--then it didn't exist--and anyone who tried to tell you differently was selling you something.

However: over the years (aging is wonderful in this way) I've discovered that the power we have to influence our lives with the simple power of our THOUGHTS is absolutely incredible. 

Let me clarify though--because it's not enough to just "think positive"--you have to work positive. You have to believe positive, you have to breathe positive, you have to dream positive--in other words you have to walk the walk. 

A perfect way to get started? Affirmations. One of the MOST powerful tools we have is how we speak to ourselves. 

When I work with my clients on affirmations I am SO often met with resistance: I don't want to tell myself I'm beautiful! I don't want to say how capable I am! I don't want to tell myself that I'm powerful--that seems WEIRD...

But is it weird when we tell ourselves that we're LAZY? Is it weird when we tell ourselves that we're FAT? Unworthy? Not ENOUGH?

Why is is weird to tell ourselves POSITIVE things but not weird to tear ourselves down?

Let's change that shall we? 

So how do you do it? SIMPLE...just start...choose ONE of the ten below and begin by waking up and saying this OUT LOUD to yourself. 

Seem weird? It's okay! It gets easier. 

Before you go to bed? Say it OUT LOUD to yourself. Before a hard test or a trying time or a red light? Say it OUT LOUD to yourself. 

GAIN STRENGTH from it. Tell yourself positive affirmations until it seems second nature to FEEL that way. Rehearse until it doesn't SEEM rehearsed. 

Come back and change them whenever you want! My coaches helped me with these! 

Be sure to let me know how it goes!! 

1) You are good enough. You do deserve to be HEALTHY and HAPPY. You can DO ANYTHING you put your mind to.

2) The universe loves and supports all. I DO enough, I AM enough, I HAVE enough.

3) I'm grateful for what I have, to be able to work and to have people that support and love me.

4) A 'c' for trying as hard as you can is just as good as an easy 'a'.


6) I am in control of my thoughts. I choose to feel optimistic, confident and capable.


8) You have enough time to pause, take life in and be happy to be alive!

9) You already have what you seek.

10) You have the strength within you, surrounding you and in front of you. 

Hannah Burkhauser