Imposter Syndrome: Or How We Talk Ourselves Out Of Greatness

Ever get the GUT feeling to try something new? Something you just KNOW you'd be GREAT at? You get started: You organize your thoughts, you watch 1.5 million YouTube Videos, you read EVERY blog, you even take a course or read a TON of books, maybe you buy a bunch of colored sharpies at Staples in preperation for all your GREAT ideas (not that I know from experience...) but when you actually try know...DO whatever it is you've decided you'd be GREAT AT...

You freeze? You FREAK! You think: Who the HELL am I to think I can DO this? I'm just ME!!

You've run into...THE IMPOSTER SYNDROMMMME duh duh DUHHH...

Okay: a little dramatic but it's because it's a BIG DEAL!

I truly believe the IMPOSTER SYNDROME is what stops a BILLION plays from being written, songs to be sung, sickness to be cured, charities to be organized, well suited politicians to run...

We get SCARED that we're not ENOUGH. We think: how could I be an EXPERT when I'm just ME? 

That phrase: "Just Me" is the KILLER of pursuits. It stops progress in it's tracks. It's an asshole. 

In my OWN experience--the Imposter Syndrome almost stopped me from pursuing THIS career!! I thought: I've had SO many problems with weight, with food, with exercise, with balance--who would TRUST ME or MY opinion? I mean: SURE I've figured out some great things now BUT...

duh duh DUHHH

It's just ME.

Here's the thing. YOU are pretty damn great. Oh ALSO--every SINGLE PERSON on this PLANET is "just him or her" and that's what makes life so great. That's why DOZENS of people can play the Hamlet and yet it'll seem different every time--because it's THE PERSON that makes the role come to life! 

Follow. Your. Gut. 

The voice in your head that tells you you're not "____ enough" is a LIAR. 

Your GUT is what's true. 

So follow it like a North Star xo 

Hannah Burkhauser