Getting Rid of Negativity

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Ever find yourself being SO negative that you actually have to take a step back and think: 

Is this even what I really think? 

I used to be a very negative person. Negativity is easier than positivity. Negativity is praised in this world – – it's typically funny to be negative, it's typically easier to be negative, it's typically praised to be negative (because you're so much more "real ") 
However: have you noticed that the people who are the most negative are also the people who never seem to get anything done? They're usually the people who have the lowest income? They're usually the people who dislike their jobs the most? They're usually the people blaming everyone else but themselves? They're not that fun to hang out with. 

They also don't like when other people succeed because it threatens their negativity. 

It took me a long time to realize that my negativity was literally eating me from the inside out and stopping me from being a successful as I know I could be. The moment I chose love over hate, where I decided to give people the benefit of the doubt, and where I decided that I was the creator of my future--i've got a lot more positive. 

Today I want you to note how many times you choose to be negative in your day. Just make a mental note of every single negative thing you think – – I think you'll be surprised how often you tend to go negative – – in that moment when you notice your negativity I challenge you to turn it around. 

Show me how you have noticed or struggled with negativity in your past or in your present? How are you going to fix it today?

Hannah Burkhauser