Where Does Fruit Fit In?


This is a topic I talk about with my clients ALL the time. It can even be a sensitive subject--I've had tense arguments about the merits of fruit--because it's so highly debatable. On one hand: Fruit is PACKED with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, cancer fighting organisms and healthy fiber. On the other hand: it's also PACKED with sugar and sugar is no bueno especially on a weight loss plan. 

So what do we do? Are we doomed to never having a slice of apple again? Are we banned from ANYTHING sweet? Are we NEVER ALLOWED TO HAVE FRUIT AGAIIIIIN?

Alright: No. Deep Breath. However let's get real about this thing.

On the Keto Diet you need to limit your carb intake to 20-30 g (depending on your height, weight and gender--annoyingly tall dudes can eat more--) if you think about fruit in context--

One banana has 27 carbs in it. JUST ONE. 

Make sense? It's not that you can NEVER eat fruit--it's that you have to be smart about it--

Here are MY personal tips about fruit:

1) Treat fruit like a dessert (because it IS dessert) If you think of fruit as a treat you'll have a harder time justifying putting it with everything or snacking on it throughout the day. Would you snack on a chocolate cake throughout the day? Would you throw cookies into your fruit smoothie? Would you have a steak with a side of Candy? Then don't do it with fruit...

2) IF you eat fruit regularly try to make it LOW sugar, LOW GI fruit so your blood sugar doesn't take a roller coaster ride! Think berries (but not blueberries!), green apples, etc.

3) I would recommend eating fruit EITHER on an empty stomach in the morning right before you workout--your body will use the energy from the fruit rather than storing it in your liver! OR eat it as a dessert at night instead of that slice of carrot cake. 

As for me? I don't love fruit. I'll have the occasional handful of blackberries in my full fat yogurt but if I was making the choice--I'd rather have the cookie every once in a while than a banana. 

And as for the phytos, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins...that's what's so great about veggies! They have the same things without the sugar. 

But to each their own! It CAN be done and if you don't want to give up fruit--then bless your heart--don't! XO 

Hannah Burkhauser