How To Chill The Eff Out

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Like you have SO many things to do and NO time and TEN pounds to lose and 5 DAYS before your reunion and...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH?

Bring on the mimosas and tacos.

BUT WAIT. Don't do that, friend. I mean: it's okay if you want to but you probably shouldn't because it's not really going to help. I know from experience. I used to get the RX: Mimosa/Taco prescription too. 

It only serves you in the moment. So let's look for something a little more helpful.

Number One: The most ANNOYING thing in the World to hear but is super important to start to ask yourself...

"In a this going to matter?" 

Because for MANY things. It just doesn't. That rude comment from the woman in the nail salon, the extra two pounds you gained last month, the paper you have to write this week--in a year--you probably won't even remember it. You have SO much going on in ANY given day so focus on the positive and remember: this isn't going to matter. 

Number Two: If it IS going to matter then WHY?

Okay so that HORRIBLE job and the CRAZY boss and the JERK OFF boyfriend IS going to matter. So WHY? It's time to get SERIOUS about getting CLEAR on why the things in your life are the way they are. If you're working a job you hate and your boss is a jerk and your boyfriend sucks--why aren't you quitting and peacing? For REAL! WHY are you staying? Why aren't you moving? Why aren't you submitting your resume ad nauseum to any place that might sound REMOTELY more interesting than your current situation? Seriously: WHY? If the answer isn't good enough--get moving, tiny dancer. 

Number Three: But...

Okay, Okay, you have a family and a mortgage and you know--the job isn't ALWAYS bad--and your boyfriend/spouse/roommate is sometimes pretty legit. It's just right NOW that sucks. Get yourself a therapist. 

In fact: in ANY of these situations get yourself a therapist. 

Therapy is the Bomb.Com, y'all and it's NECESSARY for EVERYONE because let's be real--you can only tell your best friend about how shitty things are SO many times before she stops answering your phone calls. 

Get yourself in therapy. 

But remember: no matter WHAT the problem--99.99% of the time--in a year it's not even gonna matter.

Annoying, right?

Hannah Burkhauser