SO What In the HECK IS Paleo/Primal/Ancestral Health? 

Great question!! It's an effort to eat like our Paleolithic ancestors ate way way back in the day! It's not all about hunting down elk *though GO FOR IT if you can!* it's also about getting whole foods! I like to stick to foods that are high in fat, moderate in protein and low to moderate in carbohydrates!  

How to get started

Clean your fridge and pantries of Dairy, Legumes, Grains, Alcohol, Processed Sugar and anything with ingredients you can't pronounce!

Fat Doesn't Make You Fat!

It's an incredibly terrible MYTH that Fat is the culprit in America's Obesity problem. Fat is VITAL for your body and is paramount in a Paleo diet! Stock your cupboards with SatFat (Coconut Oil, Animal Fats, Etc) and MonoFat too (Olive Oil, Avo Oil, Etc!) They're both fabulous for your brain, your hormones, your skin and your waistline! 

All Dairy? But don't SOME Primal Eaters Eat It?

If YOU have NEVER had a problem with dairy and can access well sourced, grass fed, raw unpasteurized products--go for it! 

Is the paleo diet just a mask for a Low Carb diet? 

I don't even like calling the Paleo Lifestyle a diet--because it ISN'T one! It's not inherently low carb for that matter either :) Fruit has carbs, so do sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, honey and many other delicious things that are TOTALLY Paleo! If you're trying to lose weight--or you have spent the past few years eating the recommended (and TOTALLY INSANE) 3-5 servings of fruit A DAY...perhaps limiting carbs might be a good idea in the beginning...but it's certainly NOT a low carb diet by nature!

So WHY should you do it?

Why SHOULDN'T you do it? If you are a person that wants to lose weight, feel great, feel energetic, balance your hormones, balance your vitamins and minerals and never count another calorie AGAIN...this is the plan for you! 

Final Thoughts Before You Begin?

Give yourself some grace. SOME people can go cold turkey (pun intended) and some people simply cannot. Do not turn this into a TORTUROUS experience! It doesn't have to be! Ween off your carbs or your diet coke if you have to. Have a little more of the good and a little less of the bad if you have to. ASK questions and SEEK support if you have to! It's OKAY to struggle and fail--it means you're trying and that's the most IMPORTANT part!